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Product: W4F0518
10" Neon Balloons
(100 per pack) 10" Neon Balloons
Available colours: White, Ivory, Lemon Yellow, Peach, Mandarin, Orange, Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Blood Red, Mint Green, Green, Pistachio, Dark Green, Brown, Sky Blue, Blue, Navy Blue, Lilac, Purple, Burgundy, Black, Neon Pink, Turquoise, Emerald.
Balloon Release Net, Curling Ribbon, Cups, Electric Inflators, Double Action Hand Pumps, Valves and Ribbons, Balloon Weights, Two Piece Cup and Stick, One Piece Cup and Stick on request.
Minimum order quantity: 1000
Material: Latex Dimensions: 10inch
Min Order Qty: 1000  
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