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The best time for laser engraving. On all metal promotional products we always suggest to apply a logo using a long-lasting and very elegant technique, laser engraving. Metal promotional pens are a very good idea to carry your brand and look stunning forever. Our range of metal pens is quite big and you may always find something which matched your budget for your campaign. Make your brand stand out from the crowd and check our offer. For more information about each product please contact us directly.

metal ball pen metal pen metal ball pens metal pens
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Automatic Pen,W4F2313,colour: Black,Blue,Red,White,Yellow,Lime Green,Plastic Pens,Water4Fish W4F2313 Automatic Pen from:
Black Blue Red White Yellow Lime Green
Ballpen,W4V1540,colour: White,Black,Navy Blue,Red,Green,Orange,Yellow,Light Green,Blue,Purple,Graphite,Silver,Multicolour,Plastic Pens,Water4Fish W4V1540 Ballpen from:
White Black Navy Blue Red Green Orange Yellow Light Green Blue Burgundy Purple Graphite Pink Silver
Automatic Pen Dip,W4F0546,colour: Black,Blue,Red,Green,Orange,Pens & Pencils,Water4Fish W4F0546 Automatic Pen Dip from:
Black Blue Red Green Orange
Ballpen tube,W4V1476,colour: White,Medical & Personal Care Items,Water4Fish W4V1476 Ballpen "tube" from:
Ballpen with metallic barrel,W4V1306,colour: White,Black,Navy Blue,Light Green,Pink,Gold,Silver,Pens & Pencils,Water4Fish W4V1306 Ballpen with metallic barrel from:
White Black Navy Blue Light Green Pink Gold Silver
Push-type ballpen- Torino,W4F6435,colour: Black,Blue,Dull Silver,Grey/Blue,Grey/Green,Grey/Natural,Plastic Pens,Water4Fish W4F6435 Push-type ballpen- Torino from:
Black Blue Dull Silver
Ballpen with metallic barrel,W4V1328,colour: Black,Green,Orange,Blue,Purple,Metal Pens,Water4Fish W4V1328 Ballpen with metallic barrel from:
Black Green Orange Blue Purple
Ballpen,W4V1245,colour: White,Navy Blue,Red,Silver,Multicolour,Plastic Pens,Water4Fish W4V1245 Ballpen from:
White Black Navy Blue Red Orange Yellow Silver
Ballpen with touch screens stylus/tip,W4V3259,colour: Black,Navy Blue,Red,Green,Silver,Pens & Pencils,Water4Fish W4V3259 Ballpen with touch screens stylus/tip from:
Black Navy Blue Red Green Silver
Ballpen,W4V1278,colour: Black,Navy Blue,Red,Green,Orange,Yellow,Multicolour,Metal Pens,Water4Fish W4V1278 Ballpen from:
Black Navy Blue Red Green Orange Yellow
Ballpen,W4V1035,colour: Green,Orange,Blue,Pink,Multicolour,Plastic Pens,Water4Fish W4V1035 Ballpen from:
Green Green Orange Blue Pink
Ballpen with rubber grip,W4V1268,colour: Black,Navy Blue,Red,Green,Orange,Purple,Pens & Pencils,Water4Fish W4V1268 Ballpen with rubber grip from:
Black Navy Blue Red Green Orange Purple
Ballpen with metallic barrel,W4V1283,colour: Black,Red,Light Green,Light Blue,Silver,Pens & Pencils,Water4Fish W4V1283 Ballpen with metallic barrel from:
Black Red Light Green Light Blue Silver
Small ballpen stylus,W4V3296,colour: Blue,Black,Green,Red,Phone Accessories,Water4Fish W4V3296 Small ballpen stylus from:
Black Red Green Blue
Ballpen,W4V1090,colour: Navy Blue,Silver,Metal Pens,Water4Fish W4V1090 Ballpen from:
Navy Blue Navy Blue Silver
Ballpen with stylus,W4V3320,colour: Navy Blue,White,Red,Black,Metal Pens,Water4Fish W4V3320 Ballpen with stylus from:
White Black Navy Blue Red
Ballpen,W4V1501,colour: Black,Navy Blue,Red,Green,Silver,Pens & Pencils,Water4Fish W4V1501 Ballpen from:
White Black Navy Blue Red Green Orange Light Green Burgundy Purple Grey Pink Silver
Ballpen,W4V1247,colour: Black,Navy Blue,Red,Light Green,Multicolour,Metal Pens,Water4Fish W4V1247 Ballpen from:
Black Navy Blue Red Light Green
Ballpen with wooden barrel,W4V1337,colour: Wood,Pens & Pencils,Water4Fish W4V1337 Ballpen with wooden barrel from:
Ballpen,W4V1275,colour: Black,Navy Blue,Red,Green,Orange,Multicolour,Plastic Pens,Water4Fish W4V1275 Ballpen from:
Black Navy Blue Red Green Orange
Ballpen with stylus,W4V1537,colour: Multicolour,White,Silver,Pink,Orange,Black,Navy Blue,Metal Pens,Water4Fish W4V1537 Ballpen with stylus from:
White Black Navy Blue Orange Pink Silver
Ballpen,W4F2301,colour: Red Wine,Black,Blue,Grey/Blue,Grey/Green,Grey/Natural,Plastic Pens,Water4Fish W4F2301 Ballpen from:
Red Wine Black Blue
Ballpen with stylus,W4V3287,colour: Red,Silver,Black,Navy Blue,Telephone Accessories,Water4Fish W4V3287 Ballpen with stylus from:
Black Navy Blue Red Silver
Ballpen with stylus,W4V1601,colour: Green,Navy Blue,White,Silver,Pink,Black,Red,Phone Accessories,Water4Fish W4V1601 Ballpen with stylus from:
White Black Navy Blue Red Green Pink Silver
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Metal pens

The fact that you decided to visit this category means that you treat your marketing actions and professional relationships seriously. We are really happy to learn this as we have prepared something very special for you. Promotional metal pens are included in the group of the most elegant personalised items. There is one more thing that makes them unique and worth your attention. The ornamental technique widely used for products made of metal is laser engraving which allows to apply a very precise shape of your logo directly onto the surface of the item. It is commonly used for customised metal pens and leaves permanent engraving along with permanent impression of style and good taste. And this is what you want to be associated with, don't you? Laser engraving is perceived as stylish and good looking, but please be aware that this technique isn't meant to change any colours of your products. It is a permanent carve into the surface of your items which will carry your logo eternally.

It is very important to differentiate your Clients and cooperants wisely. There is a group of your business partners who cannot be given just anything when you want to promote your company. Branded metal pens are product which will let your partners know how important they are for you and will be appreciated having received a gift of such sort.

Thanks to Water4Fish you can choose from different kinds of items which are obviously divided into various price categories to make you feel even more comfortable with the choice you are offered. Please have a look at all interesting products you can find here and decide what is the best step for your company. Is it a large purchase of budget pens to reach the maximum number of potential and existing Clients? Or perhaps you want to treat impressive promotional metal pens as your top giveaway in your current and future marketing campaigns? We hope to be helpful in your decision making process by providing the leading product on the UK's market.

Regardless the products you have decided to go for, you can choose one of the printing methods we offer. Here is what you can choose from:
- laser engraving which allows to apply a very precise shape of your logo directly onto the surface of the product.
- screen printing which is the most common and widely used technique.
- dye sublimation by means of which you can apply sublimation ink onto product's surface.
- pad printing which is very popular for rounded objects such as pens.


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