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Water bottles, whistles, sport bags for shoes are only few examples of products which could carry your logo.

This category is best for all companies promoting healthy lifestyle or spa products for example.

Many of our customers selected products from this category targeted gym goers and leisure events. Products from Promo Sport Items are of a great benefit for customers who received them as they create a very strong association between products and lifestyle.

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W4V8641 Sports towel from:
White Navy Blue Red
W4V7692 Pedometer with calorie counter from:
Navy Blue Red Orange
W4V6577 Snow glider plastic sledge from:
Navy Blue Red
W4F2921 LCD Pedometer from:
W4V6522 Beach tennis game from:
Navy Blue Red Pink
W4V7647 Drinking bottle 400 ml from:
White Yellow
W4V5547 High visibility cover for rucksacks from:
W4V7668 Pedometer with belt clip from:
Black Navy Blue Red
W4V3197 Mini fm radio with clip attachment from:
White Black Navy Blue Red
W4V4660 Drinking bottle 0.55 l from:
White Red Orange Yellow Light Green Blue
W4V8673 Sports bottle from:
White Navy Blue Red Yellow
W4V4540 Bottle 0.5 l from:
Black Navy Blue Red Green Dark Blue Silver
W4F0670 Desal - 650ml drinking bottle from:
Transp. Blue Transp. Grey Transp. Orange
W4F0591 IphoneŽ arm band pouch from:
W4F5535 Aluminium drinking bottle from:
Blue Silver
W4V8683 Stopwatch from:
Navy Blue Red Yellow
W4M1360 Metal drinking bottle from:
Blue Red Grey
W4F1259 Metal Bottle from:
Blue Red Dull Silver
W4V4976 Drinking bottle from:
White Red Light Green Blue Silver
W4V8665 Skipping rope from:
Orange Blue
W4F5430 I Pod style pedometer from:
Blue Silver Lime Green
W4F2963 Drinking Bottle with Compass from:
Transp. Blue Transp. Orange
W4V8674 Drinking bottle from:
White Black Navy Blue Red Green Yellow
W4V6597 Reflective armband for mobile phone from:
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Promotional Sport Items

If your campaign has anything to do with sport or healthy lifestyle, if you work in this field or you want to promote your company among those which deal with sport, or perhaps you are involved in any PR activities which are supposed to increase the consciousness of healthy living, than this is the right place for you. Sit back, chill out and take a wee look at what Water4Fish has prepared for you.

Let's start with the most inexpensive items such as whistles, frisbee, golf balls or foldable bottles. There is a lot to choose from when you add shoe bags, game or badminton sets. Personalised sport items will always be a good idea and if your campaign is run for gyms or during summer when a lot of outdoor events are held, then these are the right products for you. Especially if you want your clients or business partners to remember you by good quality and fun products! Who knows, maybe your cooperators will call about some more golf balls soon and you will strike another deal with at the same go!

If you are interested in more expensive sport items with logo, than you might take a look at those bicycle lights or a reflective armband for all joggers. They will finally have the right place for their phones or music players when being active. There are also a lot of sport bottles which are always good for gym users or bikers who like to know that some fluid is always available. Pedometers and even towel sets are available here, which are a great idea when you run a campaign among sportsmen. A towel is a large printing area which can be used perfectly to place your logo on it or any other message you want them to carry. When they are used by gyms or hotels for their guests your name and logo will be taken far away beyond the place when they are available! Such towels, as well as other personalised sport items, are available in different colours so that they could be even distributed among men and women accordingly, which will only prove how marketing-orientated business partner you are!

If you place an order with Water4Fish you can choose the desired method of printing. It may happen in some rare cases that it won't be possible to print your logo using the method you have chosen, but don't worry. In such case our experienced staff will be happy to pick the best solution for your order. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing, pad printing and laser engraving when the products are made of metal.


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