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Magic Cubes

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Fully Online Promotional Shop.

Why the Online Shop with all options is better than other competitors shops?
Imagine yourself browsing thousand of thousands websites finding the right products and just not being sure about the prices.
How many times have you spent hours choosing the right promotional items and when everything was so close to say to your manager: 'I have managed to find what we need' you could not answer the very essential but how important question: 'How much it is going to cost me?'

Hidden charges
Problems start when you submit your enquiry via email, or using less sophisticated method as a fax.
You spend time waiting for the answer.
Here it is but, buT, bUT, BUT the price is higher then you can afford or just your budget dedicated for promotion is too small and cannot be exceeded.
Well, from here you can start from the beginning.
Again hours to find the right products, but this time your deadline is almost there so there is no more time for careful consideration what is the best for the company.
You know that in 2 days you will be asked to present your marketing plan with all costs and planed distribution methods.
Learned from the previous experience you feel tense and not sure if the answer will arrive on time.
'Ok let's go for anything.' - resound in your head.
Now you have to balance resources for searching and for planning your strategy.

Business meeting
'Not ready, not ready.' - your alter ego whispers. But show must go on.
You are making your presentation and trying to answer all the questions from the boardroom.
The question of any modification for chosen product 'Will it make any difference for the price?' How do I know?
You are noting everything down. The will be a nightmare.

Back to the saddle
Strangely enough? Let's discuss other options.
What if we offered you online tool which would save not only your time but also your back.
What if we gave you a ready made solution for your needs?
What if we challenged you to find corporate gifts, promotional products, items, imprinted, branded, personalised merchandise ideas you would not be able to forget?
Our tool, you can call it e-commerce, online shop, shopping cart, is ready for you to try it.
You need to save the items for business meeting - nothing would be easier.
You need to show printed samples to your boss - one button click and your lunch break will never be spent on working.
You want to check 'what if' options - go ahead. Just check it now.
You need to know the invoice amount - choose colours, add to basket, try other options to specify the printing cost and all your figures you can get instantly.

The same business meeting after you know us.
Problems with the questions? Nope. Any surprises? Null.
Possibilities and options? On your screen.

Time for appreciation
You have again managed to impress your colleagues.
You still have time to call your friends and confirm your arrival to the party.
And, what is really important, you have the best promotional, merchandise products in town.

You knew it all....