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Clocks & Weather

Because we are all controlled by time, good way to remind your customers about your company is by giving them nice variety of promotional clocks or branded weather stations. You can choose from many shapes of clocks at affordable rates. Each clock can be branded and imprinted. Shop around for some of the best designed clocks that you can get as marketing giveaways. For more unique outcome consider branded weather station. They also come in different shapes, colours and prices and will match your requirement for your marketing campaign. Time is money but not if it comes to branding weather station or a clock. Our unique giveaways can be personalised at almost no cost.

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Promotional Clocks & Weather Stations

We all know how important time is. Why not measure it with a promotional clock which will be a perfect giveaway for anyone who cares about it and appreciates business relationships. Water4Fish has gathered in this category weather stations and clocks with logo for your convenience, so that you could find any electronic items in one place. So relax and spend some time looking through our products which will be just perfect for any marketing campaign. Such items are good for all people working in offices, but not only. We need to measure time and check the weather anywhere we go, on regular daily basis, so why not doing it by means of a customised clock? Your logo can be placed anywhere on the product to remind its users about your company and services. If they are a part of a wider campaign, you can be sure that such products will be impressive enough to be remembered by all members of public who receive them from you.

If you have decided to look for your marketing items and promotional products in this category, you will have choice of various models, makes, shapes and colours, as we always try to give numerous options. Customised clocks can be either designed to go on the wall, desks but you can also order some nice and good looking wristwatches. They look great with your logo laser engraved, so consider it when purchasing products in this section. You will find here products of various prices which is mostly based on the material the item is made of. If you are looking just for fun, promotional stuff you can go for flexible man-shaped clocks which will be great for young people. If your marketing actions are aimed at more demanding public, or you simply want your promotional items to be the top of the class, you can go for leather desk sets or wooden penholders with multifunctional digital clock which has the inbuilt weather station functions as well. All of that with your logo on it! Promotional clocks and weather stations are affordable and we have prepared the budget options as well as more expensive ones to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste in terms of luxury items with logo.

Right! As you have decided which products to buy, please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your items. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing or pad printing. If you have decided to order products made of metal you have this unique chance to order them with your logo laser engraved. It allows to apply a very precise shape of your logo directly onto the surface of the clock or the weather station and leaves permanent engraving along with permanent impression of style and good taste.

It is time for Company Brands.

"What is the time?" - how many times a day do you hear that question.
Where is the most strange place you where not knowing what time it was and not having anything to check it with?
We have got a solution.

Branded Products

Our Promotional Clocks are undoubtedly the one from the most demanding items.
From Clocks such as 4 in 1 Touch Screen Clock, Multifunctional, with large see through display, Alarm Clocks, with calendar, plastic, desk or travel to Alarm Clock with Message Holders or contemporary alarm clocks they will keep us up to date.
Here is a space on them where your logo will be captured every time we check the time.

How to design your logo for Promotional Clocks

You have to remember that every single clock is personal and is used by usually the same person. Your logo cannot be too big but discreetly displayed on the front.
Use the highest possible contrasting colours for it.
Promotional Item, Promotional Product such as Clocks are giving you that possibility especially from our wide range to be carefully chosen.

Target - Customer

The chosen Branded Item has to build a very strong connection and link between your company and the targeted group of customers.
It would even emphasis the meaning of your offered services by adding not only your logo but also a slogan text.
Our experience shows that added "Keep you up to date", "Always on time", "Every time...", "It's our time" can significantly increase your sales charts.

Costs of your Promotional Campaigns

Promotional Products have to be included in your budget for every year. The is not a good or bad time to award your customers with nicely branded promotional items or there are no customer who is not worth to get one of your latest Promotional Products.

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Desk clock,W4V3187,Clocks & Weather W4V3187 Desk clock from:
Quartz travel clock,W4M1196,Clocks & Weather W4M1196 Quartz travel clock from:
Aluminium everlasting calendar,W4M1101,Clocks & Weather W4M1101 Aluminium everlasting calendar from:
Bendable clock man,W4M1189,Clocks & Weather W4M1189 Bendable clock man from:
Wall clock with 2 clockworks,W4M1193,Clocks & Weather W4M1193 Wall clock with 2 clockworks from:
Plastic desk clock with black hands,W4M1719,Clocks & Weather W4M1719 Plastic desk clock with black hands from:
Pen holder,W4V2294,Clocks & Weather W4V2294 Pen holder from:
Desk clock with white frame,W4M1962,Clocks & Weather W4M1962 Desk clock with white frame from:
Flexi alarm clock ,W4V3179,Clocks & Weather W4V3179 Flexi alarm clock from:
Stopwatch,W4V8683,Clocks & Weather W4V8683 Stopwatch from:
Kitchen timer,W4V8554,Clocks & Weather W4V8554 Kitchen timer from:
Tin-shaped clock with silvered front,W4M1211,Clocks & Weather W4M1211 Tin-shaped clock with silvered front from:
Crisma desk pen holder,W4M1095,Clocks & Weather W4M1095 Crisma desk pen holder from:
Crisma acrylic pen holder,W4M1094,Clocks & Weather W4M1094 Crisma acrylic pen holder from:
Pen holder with clock,W4V2571,Clocks & Weather W4V2571 Pen holder with clock from:
Wall clock,W4M1718,Clocks & Weather W4M1718 Wall clock from:
Pen holder with clock,W4V2242,Clocks & Weather W4V2242 Pen holder with clock from:
Desk clock,W4V3685,Clocks & Weather W4V3685 Desk clock from:
Doctor watch,W4V3288,Clocks & Weather W4V3288 Doctor watch from:
Shower timer,W4V9519,Clocks & Weather W4V9519 Shower timer from:
Desk mirror with an integrated clock,W4M1641,Clocks & Weather W4M1641 Desk mirror with an integrated clock from:
Picture frame with clock,W4M1111,Clocks & Weather W4M1111 Picture frame with clock from:
Photo frame,W4V5119,Clocks & Weather W4V5119 Photo frame from:
Desk or wall clock,W4V3285,Clocks & Weather W4V3285 Desk or wall clock from:
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