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T shirts vs hats the power of personalised clothing

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T-shirts vs Hats. The power of personalised clothing

Fashion changes all the time and we even stop paying attention to what is worn by whom. There is so much choice today that it is even impossible to keep up with latest trends in anything.

When it comes to fashion some people are simply addicted to it, others do not pay attention at all to what they wear and if it is branded or not.

But there is one aspect which cannot really be denied. Promotional clothing use, as promotional products, is something that catches the eye and helps in brand awareness development.

Just think about it...

  • Every company from building contractors through hospitality and catering to banks and insurance companies have their branded wearing.
    Staff, employees and managers will be provided with proper tops and hats.
  • Other types of companies also order a lot of various cloths but not only or not necessarily just for the staff.
    They are willing to distribute it among the public during their promotional campaigns and actions.
    As a token of appreciation or as a prize in countless competitions organised just to increase the recognition of the brand on the market.

Hat or a T-shirt

As the leader on the UK's market, Water4Fish has been wondering what is more effective.

A branded hat or a T-shirt with logo. Of course we could reach for statistics in the number of products sold but it wouldn't prove any point.

You can order thousands of T-shirts and have nothing of it if you run your campaign improperly, or you can get ten hats and win hundreds of new business leads.

And what is your opinion? Maybe you could leave a comment on our website with your expertise?

Here is what we think. You can treat it as hints when deciding yourself what you think is better.

Cap W4V7145

Cap W4V7145

T-shirt means:

• large imprint area on its front and back

• everybody loves them

• you can't put too much on it as people will simply dislike it

• T-shirts are available in many different colours so you can save money by ordering those which correspond with your brand's tones

But is it any different with hats and caps?

T-shirt W4V7125

T-shirt W4V7125

Hat means:

• the same as with T-shits when it comes to colours

• baseball caps have been the most popular type of hats ever

• head, so the hat too, is the first thing you pay attention to when you meet a new person. Such hat can be a great attention grabber.

-• Top quality hats are much better than top quality T-shirts, no doubt about that. There are of course plenty mediocre products, but would you like to buy poor things when you can get best ones for similar price?

And what is your opinion? What would you go for in order to promote your company? Remember you can always order both.

That is how you avoid having this dilemma in the first place. Have fun creating your own company customised collection for the upcoming season.

Winter hat W4V7172

Winter hat W4V7172