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Promotional Kitchen mitten

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Promotional Kitchen mitten

Kitchen mitten,Red,W4V7570,Kitchen
Kitchen mitten,Red,W4V7570,Kitchen Kitchen mitten,White/Red,W4V7570,Kitchen Kitchen mitten,Navy Blue,W4V7570,Kitchen
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Obtainable in a diversity of logo printing options to promote your brand on your conferences and with colours an affordable and stylish Kitchen mitten, smooth side perfect for personalization manufactured to the highest of standards from 100% Cotton.

Logo imprint set down item's printing section sporadically needs a small quantity of further words or expression to go alongside an initial design. This promo merchandise offers printing section of 35 x 35 mm. This may accommodate any supplementary message.

This promo product frequently fits every commercial enterprise to give an instance Grocery and Food Wholesalers and it not long ago was ordered together with logo printing options by Diagnostic Laboratories.

It is advised attaching an outlined version of your logo such as.cdr,.eps or.ai for obtaining a great slogan application results.

You could also take an advantage of a small quantity of other possibilities this product proposes like foc digital mockup and get a sample.

Kitchen mitten
Product: W4V7570
Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: 18 x 28.5 cm
Print Size: 80 x 60 mm
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Very impressive with the logo, thanks for it!
Alta from Saffron Walden