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Promotional Business Card Holders

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Promotional Business Card Holders

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Promotional Full Colour Card Wallet

Full Colour Card Wallet

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Promotional Aqua Invite

Aqua Invite

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Promotional Aqua Business Card

Aqua Business Card

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Promotional Credit card holder, RFID safe

Credit card holder, RFID safe

from £0.10
Promotional Credit card holder

Credit card holder

from £0.15
Promotional Business card holder

Business card holder

from £0.40
Promotional Business card holder

Business card holder

from £1.19
Promotional Business card holder

Business card holder

from £1.34
Promotional Business card / credit card holder

Business card / credit card holder

from £1.43
Promotional Business card holder

Business card holder

from £1.72
Promotional Business card holder

Business card holder

from £1.81
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Business card holders are a must

How can business card holders improve the image of a company? Business card holders are an absolute "must have" for all business people. Why not make them a promotional item distributed at meetings and PR/marketing events? There are several occasions for you to use them. First you can equip your employees with them so that the image of your brand was professional in every inch. Second you can use them as giveaways with your logo. Promotional business card holders are available with Water4Fish. We hope that the selection brought to you below meets your expectations.

What promotional business card holders do we do?

Promotional business card holders are necessary for all types of business. They help create professional image of any person holding them. And this is something that any business pays attention to. Today it is very important to make better impression than your competitors, so if you haven't been using promotional business card holders before, it is high time you started.

Water4Fish does numerous types and models of business card holders, so we hope that you are able to find what you need. Obviously they are available in any quantity and in various shapes, sizes and colours just like all other promotional items we do. There is no way that business card holders will be forgotten somewhere in a drawer as they are highly practical items used in nowaday business and they are used by all reps in any type of business. You can find all types of business card holders for two main reasons. For you to hold them and have ready anytime you need them and the other use is for collecting cards you have been given. All of them are available in our store, just here just now for your convenience.

When it comes to prices, these products are not expensive in general, but obviously the better the product the higher the price. You can lower it ordering promotional business card holders in bulk, which is always beneficial as the more items you order the cheaper they get. Take a look at the prices and we are sure the the conclusion you would reach is that professionalism doesn't have price.

If you place an order with Water4Fish you can choose the desired method of printing. It may happen in some rare cases that it won't be possible to print your logo using the method you have chosen, but don't worry. In such case our experienced staff will be happy to pick the best solution for your order. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing or pad printing. If you have decided to order products made of metal you have this unique chance to order them with your logo laser engraved.