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Promotional Car Promo Items

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Promotional Bicycle light

Bicycle light

from £0.83
Promotional Ice scraper

Ice scraper

from £0.83
Promotional Car air freshener

Car air freshener

from £0.84
Promotional Safety jacket for children

Safety jacket for children

from £0.96
Promotional USB car charger

USB car charger

from £1.02
Promotional Bicycle bell

Bicycle bell

from £1.03
Promotional Car keyring

Car keyring

from £1.08
Promotional Parking disc, ice scraper

Parking disc, ice scraper

from £1.12
Promotional First aid kit in plastic case

First aid kit in plastic case

from £1.13
Promotional Keyring car

Keyring car

from £1.41
Promotional Car charger, power adapter

Car charger, power adapter

from £1.43
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How Car Promotional Items' price is calculated at Water4Fish UK?

Branding techniques can be different or be not offered at all but regularly is unchanged in a small quantity order. Planing marketing campaigns every field of business would like to have a choice of all options of logo print services instead of opt in for order for a greater quantity so if you need a small quantity order we are here to help.

If you consider to have a slogan or a logo printing for order but your final price may be higher as a result of set minimum which on occasions this renders the solo piece not attractive although our truly interesting list of Car Promo Items on numerous occasions is available in below minimum quantity therefore ( to help with your choice ) we advise getting extra range of prices such as order for minimum quantity.

To get the price tailored to implement your promotional requirements simply allow us discuss a preferable way to go for simply call water4fish on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk.

Normally the given to customers price for printed products is a sum of piece price screen charge and depending on the technique printing application price and our company have no hidden price policy so whichever final price is supplied to all customers their price is not going to be re-quoted even when the prices increase.