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Promotional Conference bags and Folders

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Promotional Conference bags & Folders

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Promotional Document bag

Document bag

from £0.54
Promotional Document folder A4

Document folder A4

from £0.60
Promotional Conference folder

Conference folder

from £0.64
Promotional Document bag

Document bag

from £0.76
Promotional Clipboard


from £1.59
Promotional Document folder

Document folder

from £1.66
Promotional Document bag

Document bag

from £1.70
Promotional Ecological conference folder

Ecological conference folder

from £1.71
Promotional Bag


from £2.02
Promotional Clipboard


from £2.13
Promotional Conference folder A4

Conference folder A4

from £2.14
Promotional Waist bag

Waist bag

from £2.32
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Impress your partners with promotional conference bags

Why are conference bags and folders good idea? It is simple. They are great PR products for all types of business meetings and conferences. They help keep us organised which makes them practical items. Our selection of promotional conference bags and folders should make it easier to choose your ideal product for your next event. You can also use them to distribute free advertising or catalogues among your customers. Promotional folders will not only look elegant but will also be used for long.

Why should a company invest in promotional conference bags and folders?

Is there a business meeting coming? Or perhaps there will be a conference soon which might be a great opportunity to advertise your company? Do you know how to do that? Water4Fish has made ready something that will come handy in all of these situations. Promotional folders and customised conference bags are just perfect for any meeting where business is discussed.

Impress your partners with your professionalism, let your Clients know that you are there and marketing issues are not anything strange nor new for you. Make personalised conference bags and folders help you win the next crucial campaign and prepare one for each member of the board you will negotiate your next contract with.

Or perhaps your main target are office clerks and your marketing actions and events take place in such surrounding? You couldn't hit a better site with customised items. Document folders with logo, briefcases, laptop and netbook covers, printed computer bags, file organizers and luxury leather document folders. They are all here available for you. You can make your choices by size, colours and the use for the desired gift. Just remember that they are well made and designed to store documents and even office equipment. They will be very helpful in your actions as the reach large public and are recognised as valuable promotional products. You can obviously differentiate your order by price as well. The most budget items are 32 Pence per item and the most expensive can even reach 65 Pounds, but these products are luxury, representative and made of the most desired materials, including leather.

Customised folders and conference items are good for printing logo as they have big surfaces which can be used for your logo imprints. Remember to do it with taste, as you don't want to spoil the prestigious leather conference folder with colourful logo all over it. If you need any advice on this matter our experienced and qualified staff is here to help you.

Here, at Water4Fish, we use different printing techniques in order to improve your business recognition. Here is what you can choose from:
- laser engraving which allows to apply a very precise shape of your logo directly onto the surface of the product. It is commonly used for all metal elements and leaves permanent impression of style and good taste.
- screen printing which is the most common and widely used technique.
- dye sublimation by means of which you can apply sublimation ink onto product's surface.
- pad printing which is very popular for rounded objects such as pens.