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Promotional Games & Puzzles

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Promotional Foldable frisbee
W4V6370from £0.33

Foldable frisbee

Promotional Hand clapper
W4V6580from £0.33

Hand clapper

Promotional Wooden yo-yo
W4V7348from £0.40

Wooden yo-yo

Promotional Mini puzzle
W4V7688from £0.41

Mini puzzle

Promotional Wooden yo-yo
W4V6219from £0.44

Wooden yo-yo

Promotional 24 mind games
W4V6228from £0.50

24 mind games

Promotional Yo-yo
W4V8679from £0.50


Promotional Chinese tangram puzzles
W4V7663from £0.52

Chinese tangram puzzles

Promotional Bamboo yo-yo
W4V7394from £0.54

Bamboo yo-yo

Promotional Bubble blower
W4V8666from £0.55

Bubble blower

Promotional Puzzle
W4V8083from £0.58


Promotional Juggling ball
W4V4006from £0.66

Juggling ball

Showing page 1 of 512345

Make people happy with promotional games and puzzles

What games and puzzles are popular promo items? Find many ideas for your next promotion using brain teasers and games. Whatever your event is, there is always room for puzzles and games as they make people communicate. Leave a good impression with your logo applied onto the surface of any item and be remembered. Promote your brand and stand out thanks to our promotional games and puzzles.

What are promotional games and puzzles used for?

Is there anyone out there who does not like games or puzzles? It is highly unlikely, therefore, Water4Fish has prepared something special for all chess, backgammon or puzzles enthusiasts.

Promotional games are fantastic leisure items

....which can be personalised with any logo using the most adequate method of printing. Surprise all your business partners, impress all your employees with gifts for their children or distribute customised games and puzzles at your next event! You can be sure that such items will be the best gift for all people who like a bit of mind using activities, brain teasers and love having good time with friends and family.

You can choose from a wide variety of games, puzzles, toys, models and other promo items that fit this category. Of course, every item can be ordered in the most desired shape size and colour including this unique chessboard where all pieces are of different colours. We have gathered so many various objects in this category that everyone will find something suitable for their events and company specifics. We have also differentiated our offer in terms of prices so if you are looking for some cheap games or toys you will find it here, as well as more expensive and sophisticated products which you can purchase for your most loyal customers, partners or voters.

Here are our best sellers of the category. Have a look, as there is a big chance that promotional games, puzzles or toys are included in the list below. We sell branded mini-football tables, chessboards with pieces, playing cards and dice sets, which by the way, look really good and make great impression on everybody. Puzzles are also very popular, they are particularly good for children, so if your campaign targets women or families, make sure you have few sets ready as they will be your first-to-go products.

Here, at Water4Fish, we use different printing techniques. Regardless the products you have decided to go for in order to improve your business recognition, you can choose one of the printing methods we offer:
- laser engraving It is commonly used for aluminium products such as Poker covers and it leaves permanent engraving along with permanent impression of style and good taste.
- screen printing which is the most common and widely used technique.
- dye sublimation by means of which you can apply sublimation ink onto product's surface.
- pad printing which is very popular for rounded objects such as kitchen tools.