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Promotional Highlighter Pens

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Promotional Highlighter
W4V1739from £0.23


Promotional Ball pen with highlighter
W4V1973from £0.38

Ball pen with highlighter

Promotional Highlighter syringe
W4V1523from £0.42

Highlighter syringe

Promotional Set of crayons
W4V7345from £0.44

Set of crayons

Promotional Light bulb highlighter
W4V1580from £0.49

Light bulb highlighter

Promotional 3 colours Highlighter
W4V1514from £0.50

3 colours Highlighter

Promotional Triangular Highlighter
W4V1925from £0.60

Triangular Highlighter

Promotional Graffiti chalk
W4V7343from £0.77

Graffiti chalk

Promotional Highlighter/marker flower
W4V1531from £1.03

Highlighter/marker flower

Promotional Graffiti street chalk
W4V1552from £1.12

Graffiti street chalk

Promotional Highlighter hand
W4V1327from £1.42

Highlighter hand

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Make use of promotional highlighters

What are highlighter pens for? It is easy. They are for highlighting the most important bits and pieces in any text. Of course they might be used for any other purpose, even children can use them for drawing and colouring. We present our selection of promo highlighter pens below. We are certain that you will find those which reflect your brand's specifics especially provided that they are available in numerous shapes, sizes and colours.

Where to get best promotional highlighters?

Another easy question to be answered. Water4Fish is the best place for any promo products, including highlighters with logo. Such products are very popular because they are practical and inexpensive. What is more, we offer them in various sets and combinations so that every company could find something just right for their purposes. As you can see above there are numerous products which can meet your expectations. When you add professional service, top quality materials and short delivery time, there is no other choice that to go for the products available with us.

Right! As you have decided which products to buy, how many of them and what they should be made of, there is just one more step to be taken before we process your order and dispatch it to you.
Please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your items. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing or pad printing.
If you have decided to order products made of metal you have this unique chance to order them with your logo laser engraved.