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Promotional Lanyards and Neck belts

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Promotional Lanyards & Neckbelts

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Promotional Lanyard


from £0.67
Promotional Lanyard


from £0.70
Promotional Antibacterial lanyard

Antibacterial lanyard

from £0.72
Promotional Waterproof personal bag

Waterproof personal bag

from £0.97
Promotional Lanyard, charging cable

Lanyard, charging cable

from £1.07
Promotional Cotton lanyard with safety catch

Cotton lanyard with safety catch

from £1.12
Promotional Cork lanyard with safety catch

Cork lanyard with safety catch

from £1.19
Promotional Waterproof first aid kit

Waterproof first aid kit

from £2.91
Promotional Lanyard, charging cable

Lanyard, charging cable

from £3.47
Promotional Lanyard, charging cable

Lanyard, charging cable

from £4.01
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What is the breakdown of Promotional Lanyards and Neckbelts price on our website?

Every organization or corporation scheduling trade shows on occasions need a small quantity order instead of going for a larger one and would like to have a choice of all options of personalisation techniques which can differ or be not available at all but usually is unchanged.

If you need a personalisation for order in a very small quantity your quote may be increased of a one-off amount as a result of set minimum which once in a while this makes end solo piece price too high although our variety of Lanyards and Neckbelts ordinarily is available in below minimum quantity therefore ( to have an understanding ) we encourage to view other offered options as like for greater quantities order.

Allow us select a proper alternative and simply contact our specialists on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk to get an appropriate price which is tailored to meet your requirements.

Typically the quoted price for printed gadgets is formed of product's price one-off screen charge and depending on the type of branding printing application price and here in water4fish we have no hidden charge term and because of that whichever final quote is given to our customers their price is not going to be re-quoted even when the prices increase.