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Promotional Medical & Personal Care Items

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Promotional Thermal insulation blanket
W4V9731Call 4 price

Thermal insulation blanket

Promotional Ballpen syringe
W4V1524from £0.20

Ballpen syringe

Promotional Antibacterial pill box
W4V8862from £0.22

Antibacterial pill box

Promotional Ballpen tube
W4V1476from £0.25

Ballpen tube

Promotional Mirror
W4V4107from £0.30


Promotional Pill box
W4V4706from £0.30

Pill box

Promotional First Aid Kit with Plasters
W4V6150from £0.30

First Aid Kit with Plasters

Promotional Ball pen with atomizer
W4V1987from £0.33

Ball pen with atomizer

Promotional Glass nail file
W4V8480from £0.37

Glass nail file

Promotional Hand gel
W4V7503from £0.40

Hand gel

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Personal care items with logo

When to use medical and personal care promotional products? Promoting your business with a use of promotional medical/pharmaceutical items carries a strong message to your customers. All items selected for this category are in some way related to medical field. Our medical items can support any business image as well as create a closer relation with your customers.

Where to use medical and personal care items?

Have you ever questioned the point of having promotional items in your company? Have you ever thought that the customer is loyal to your brand thanks to the quality of your service not because of the gadget they receive from time to time? If you have, it means that you are a very demanding Client yourself and you, as well as your partner, will appreciate only highly practical items with logo. Such products which combine the marketing value along with functionality are personalised medical and personal care items.

You may think that this isn't something you might feel comfortable with, but please be aware that medical products with logo will be a great idea for drivers, physical workers and even offices, as a first aid kit, for instance, is required by law in all places where people work. What is more, promotional medical and personal care products are just perfect for any company working in this field. So if you are a producer, a distributor or a service place for any type of medical equipment or personal care products you can be sure that having some of them with your logo will be a great marketing step improving your company's recognition.

Whatever the reason is for you to go for medical and personal products with logo, it is worth to find out more about what is it that you can purchase here with Water4Fish. There are a lot of products gathered here, so you can try making your decision by the budget you have got. There are some inexpensive products such as mirrors, lip balm sticks, heating pads or sets of plasters. There are items which you will have to spend more on if you want to impress the people who will be given them. Air freshers, manicure kits or first aid kits are some of them. Finally you will get to the most expensive customised medical and personal care products such as scales, leather folders for medical documentation, digital alcohol checks or blood pressure monitors. All of them can be imprinted with your logo, contact details or messages you want to spread all over the medical world! Stay calm and buy some promotional medical items!

Screen printing? Dye sublimation? Or perhaps pad printing? If you place an order with Water4Fish you can choose the desired method of printing. It may happen in some rare cases that it won't be possible to print your logo using the method you have chosen, but don't worry. In such case our experienced staff will be happy to pick the best solution for your order. Otherwise you may want to use any of the three methods we introduced in the beginning of this paragraph.