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Promotional Mousemats & Coasters

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Promotional Aqua Invite

Aqua Invite

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Promotional Aqua Business Card

Aqua Business Card

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Promotional Antibacterial mousepad

Antibacterial mousepad

from £0.48
Promotional Mug coasters

Mug coasters

from £0.74
Promotional SoftMat™ Coaster

SoftMat™ Coaster

from £0.85
Promotional Pallet Wooden coaster

Pallet Wooden coaster

from £0.91
Promotional Acrylic Round Coaster 95mm

Acrylic Round Coaster 95mm

from £0.95
Promotional Armadillo See Thru Mat

Armadillo See Thru Mat

from £1.36
Promotional Aqua Coaster

Aqua Coaster

from £1.36
Promotional SmartMat™ & Coaster Set

SmartMat™ & Coaster Set

from £1.63
Promotional AntiBug™ Wristrest

AntiBug™ Wristrest

from £1.63
Promotional Aqua CD Pocket

Aqua CD Pocket

from £2.03
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Promotional mouse pads and coasters

What are promotional mouse mats and branded coasters used for? Branded mouse mats are a great idea if you want to advertise your company among offices, companies and institutions. Technically it means that everybody needs them and will be happy if they receive one. Mouse mats are highly practical, aesthetic, especially if you buy the good quality gel ones. You must also know that even if you use mousemats with logo for a professional marketing campaign, most of them will end up at homes of people who got them. Why? Simply because they will use it at home, too, so don't hesitate when you order them. You will need a decent number to make everyone happy. You should be glad about them too, as these promotional products have large printing surface and if you decide to put all the details of your company onto it, you can be certain that you won't remain unnoticed neither at homes nor in the large and busy offices.

Why should I go for promotional mouse mats and promotional coasters?

Personalised coasters are another group of products that Water4Fish has gathered in this category making it one. Why? Because both types of products share the same features and functionality, although coasters with logo will be made of different materials and will serve other purposes. They are also designed for another type of marketing actions and offices aren't necessarily the first target. If you are a company that deals with alcohol then all bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants are your natural goal and this is the perfect environment for customised coasters. However, if you want to promote, tea, coffee or simply anything else without even slightest drink association, then by all means, use the coasters to advertise yourself and don't limit the campaign to any environment or public's type.

Of course the biggest advantage of branded mouse mats and customised coasters are their shapes, sizes and your flexibility in terms of placing your logo, slogans and contact details. You can be certain that both types of products will be in constant use and the demand for them will be constantly increasing, so it is worthwhile ordering such items in bulk just to be ready to hand them in any time such opportunity rises.

Please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your items. Here is what you can go for:
- screen printing which is the most common and widely used technique.
- dye sublimation by means of which you can apply sublimation ink onto product's surface.
- pad printing which is very popular for rounded objects such as pens.