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Promotional Pen Sets

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Promotional PenPot


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Promotional Pencil case

Pencil case

from £0.54
Promotional School set in box

School set in box

from £0.77
Promotional Antibacterial school set

Antibacterial school set

from £1.05
Promotional Writing set

Writing set

from £1.36
Promotional Crayon set

Crayon set

from £1.39
Promotional Pencil case set

Pencil case set

from £1.55
Promotional Ballpen/metal trim

Ballpen/metal trim

from £1.78
Promotional Zipped pencil case set

Zipped pencil case set

from £1.80
Promotional Ball pen in case

Ball pen in case

from £1.88
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Promotional pen sets ready to go

What are promo pen sets made with? Another interesting group of promotional items are sets with pen and usually pencil or a fountain pen. These promotional sets are a good value when you want to give something useful to your loyal clients and gain new value clients too. All items in the set can be personalised or just one, the choice is yours.

Whwere to get best promotional pen sets?

One of our major aims here, at Water4Fish, is to deliver a wide range of products. We realise that business relations need to be built and maintained and marketing actions and campaigns are ways of doing it. We have prepared something really special for you to promote your company. Personalised pen sets are a perfect gift for the most valued cooperants and business targets. Impress them and be remembered as the professional and trustworthy partner. The price range is diverse, so that everyone could find and design a perfect pen set with logo. They start with 4GBP and go up to like 25GBP, but just take a look how astonishing and stylish some of them might be. Others can be just fun or designed for purely practical use.

Please note that although the most spectacular ones are the elegant products, we also offer promotional pen sets which mean purely joy and can be treated as marketing items in completely different campaigns and serve other purposes. Take a look at those stylish desk sets with digital clocks which can surprise your partners. If your needs are different, go for the colourful customised pen sets which you can also find here. Using this full of colour pens sets with logo you can reach a lot of potential business leads but you can also make a nice gift for kids who can use such sets in school or at home when they do their homework.

We provide the choice of pen sets in terms of their making as well. Please feel free to choose from funny plastic, trendy metal, wooden elegance or svarowski crystal metal pens. You can even go for larger writing sets where a keyring is included as well. That makes the set even more attractive and practical. Your promotional items will be in constant use, regardless if it is in an office, at home or to start a car's engine.

What is worth mentioning here, is that when you order a promotional pen set with Water4Fish, you can customise it with logo placed on all elements or just selected ones. You can have it printed on the pen set cover as well. Promotional writing set are ideal carriers of laser engraved logos, as many of these objects are made of metal. Imagine the ultimately stylish combination of leather, wood, metal and laser engrave on your set! This could become your leading giveaway in your business relations and make others remember you.