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Promotional Pull light

Pull light,,W4V8728,Torches & LED
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Manufactured in ABS and Nylon a modern and popular choice introducing Pull light with PC light bulb (1W) LED light, presented in gift box offered in a range of standard colours also with Padprint printing services to apply your logo on exhibitions.

Slogan or message or sign positioned on product's imprint section sometimes needs a few terms to go beside an initial design. This promo merchandise offers print area of 30 x 10 mm. This can accommodate any additional message.

This merchandise was lately obtained by Cable and Television Providers with branding services. W4V8728 typically is accepted by every group like from Restaurants and Bars.

For reaching an incredible imprint effect we suggest sending to us an outlined version of your artwork such as.cdr,.eps or.ai.

This product presents a few extra options you should consider like foc digital mockup and get a sample.

Pull light
Product: W4V8728
Material: ABS, Nylon, PC
Dimensions: Ø15.7 x 5.5 cm
Print Size: 30 x 10 mm
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