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Promotional Sunglasses uv 400

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Promotional Sunglasses uv 400

Sunglasses uv 400,Purple,W4V6593,Sunglasses
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Set which comprises a great and affordable Sunglasses with UV400 protection manufactured to the highest standards from Plastic accessible in a diversity of standard colours and with a logo print services for a final look on your conferences.

This Promotional Sunglasses uv 400 was just now purchased by Doctors and Health Care Practitioners together with a logo print services. It normally is suitable for every group to give an example from Car Dealers.

Logo service or monogram may be stretched to be put down this product's imprint space. This print section of 60 x 6 mm many times is more than sufficient for any secondary message to go next to an initial design.

We advise to get a striking branding effect sending to us an outlined version of your artwork such as.cdr,.eps or.ai.

Free of charge digital mockup and/or get a sample are one of the a small quantity of added possibilities this product comes up with.

Sunglasses uv 400
Product: W4V6593
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 14 x 5 cm
Print Size: 60 x 6 mm
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Very good purchase, looks great too