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Promotional Sunglasses

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To carry your logo during promotional actions take into account manufactured in PP a well-designed batch which has Sunglasses with UV400 protection, black with coloured earstems with many colours to choose from also with personalisation techniques.

This product typically suits every business in particular Gas and Electric Providers and it in the last few days was obtained along with a logo print services by Automotive Repair and Maintenance Providers.

Your brand could one hundred per cent go onto the item's printing zone. The imprint section of 65 x 7 mm many a time is more than enough for any subsidiary message to go adjacent to an initial design.

This product gives a few secondary options you could benefit from like get a sample or foc digital mockup.

For securing a striking brand application effect we suggest uploading an outlined version of your logo such as.cdr,.eps or.ai.

Product: W4V7333
Material: PP
Dimensions: 13.7 x 4.8 x 2.7 cm
Print Size: 65 x 7 mm
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