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Promotional Wheat straw ball pen

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Promotional Wheat straw ball pen

Wheat straw ball pen,Neutral,W4V1979,Plastic Pens
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Selection which includes a dynamic Wheat straw ball pen created in Wheat straw and ABS with many colours to choose from also with a logo print services for the best finish on marketing campaigns.

This gadget commonly is approved by every single enterprise or corporation like Jewellery Leather Goods Supplier and W4V1979 was in the last few months acquired with logo printing options by Apparel Wholesalers.

Logo service or coat of arms placed onto product's imprint zone on occasion needs a small quantity of information to go alongside an initial design. This promo merchandise puts forward imprint space of 30 x 6 mm. This can accommodate any new message.

Also you can benefit from a small quantity of subsidiary options this product proposes like get a sample or free of charge digital mockup.

We suggest to gain an attractive personalisation finish attaching an outlined version of your logo such as.cdr,.eps or.ai.

Wheat straw ball pen
Product: W4V1979
Material: Wheat straw, ABS
Dimensions: ø1 x 13.8 cm
Print Size: 60 x 5 mm
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Good for free givaway, cheap wheat straw ball pen.
Ashley from Northam